26 Dec 2019

This Year

New biking destinations!

  • China Camp, great for first time biking campers, bike path almost the whole way, <30mi
  • Pinehurst Road around Redwood Regional Park from Berkeley, great forest!

Reading: lots of scifi! I had a great reading summer.

Traveled to Serbia and Argentina!

Work: I joined a data engineering team at Dropbox for a while, which was a good fit for expanding the scope of some work I was had already been doing, instrumenting desktop client and web interfaces to gather signals for ML models. Then in October I jumped to a new thing, Observable!

Between jobs I gave my first keynote in Serbia! I talked about how I imagine a new dialect of Python might emerge. Since then a project to help free Python implementations from needing to implement the CPython C API has been announced and I’ve gotten interested in WebAssembly, which I think will be an important future compilation target for Python.

I interviewed at just two companies this job search, the other being Preset, which I’m also pretty excited about.

I taught 4 sessions at Bradfield School of Computer Science, teaching Computer Architecture twice and Programming Languages twice. A lot of the fun programming I did this year was motivated by these classes, like compiling a language to the CPython bytecode VM. Oz has announced he’s moving Bradfield courses online.

I led one Software Carpentry workshop at Genentech.

I used Twitter a lot this year.

I got a standing desk for my room and I started cooking more in September. (No more free Dropbox meals!)

I played very few video games this year, but my long list of games I want to play someday makes me happy.

And now I’m having a relaxing end of the year – you can tell because I’m finally writing a blog post :)